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The Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent _Enterprise -600 What is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent enterprises effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired outcomes faster – and with less risk. SAP is committed to helping every customer become a smart, best-run business and make the world run better.

Why become an Intelligent Enterprise?

Responding to individual customer needs, engaging talent in new ways, and creating disruptive business models are critical business imperatives. By becoming an Intelligent Enterprise, you can achieve these goals – and more.

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Intelligent Suite

Will offer unparalleled, breakthrough business value. We provide intelligent, integrated applications that enable our customers to automate their day-to-day business processes and better interact with their customers, suppliers, and employees. These applications will be industry specific, global, and applicable to large enterprises and to small and midsize enterprises.

Digital Platform

Will enable data-driven intelligence and innovation. With SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Data Management Suite, we will facilitate the collection, connection and orchestration of data, as well as the integration and extension of processes within the intelligent suite.

Intelligent Technologies

Will embed intelligence in applications and facilitate new co-innovations.With SAP Leonardo, we will embed intelligent technologies in our customers’ core processes, enabling them to use their data to detect patterns, predict outcomes and suggest actions. For customers who want to innovate even faster, we will offer industry innovation kits and open innovation services, which apply design thinking methodologies to new business models by industry.

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