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Leonardo _picture -600 Unlock the intelligent enterprise – and do the impossible every day

SAP Leonardo combines next-gen technologies and industry expertise so you can rapidly transform your business into an Intelligent Enterprise. Our scalable approach to digital transformation meets you where you are – and takes you where you want to go.

Data, more data, and digital disruption

Data is changing the way we live and work. SAP Leonardo helps you harness and transform your data – with machine learning, the IoT, advanced analytics, and other new technologies – to drive business innovation.

See what SAP Leonardo can do for you

Learn how SAP Leonardo delivers end-to-end real-time visibility, meaningful, predictive insights, operational excellence, and increased profits, all while helping the world to run better and improving people’s lives. 

New and emerging technologies

Access technologies like machine learning and blockchain on an open, cloud-based digital platform. Easily integrate with your existing systems and scale.


Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform, the foundation for SAP Leonardo, is an open, extensible PaaS that helps you rapidly build next-gen applications. It offers a range of microservices, open APIs, and access to the latest technologies.

Database & Data Management

Process high-volume, high-velocity data feeds in real time and eliminate data silos. SAP Leonardo delivers a powerful in-memory database and the latest tools in data management and integration.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Freely choose your underlying cloud provider and avoid vendor lock-in. Co-locate new cloud applications alongside existing investments – and meet local regulatory and compliance requirements.

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