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Our goal at SAP MENA Education is to enable our customers to realize true value from their SAP system landscape by enabling their end users, super users, support teams, implementation teams, centres of excellence and all other stakeholders touching the SAP systems.

How do we do that?

SAP Education has an extensive portfolio of software and services addressing the SAP training needs of all these stakeholders. Whether it is structured traditional classroom training, learning strategies, training needs analyses, bespoke training solutions (including in Arabic), learning management systems, documentation tools, e-based training or certification – SAP Education has a solution. We have also recently added our “Second chance” program for the unemployed in the region as well as the SAP Student Academy for students at some of our University Alliance Program partner universities.

Do we have regular, scheduled courses?

During 2013 we introduced our “Guaranteed-to-Run” schedule. We realized that our customers have been finding it difficult to plan their employees’ training schedules, when the possibility exists that the course could be cancelled or postponed. Our “Guaranteed-to-Run” schedule is a commitment from SAP MENA Education to deliver these courses – irrespective of the number of bookings on these courses. Since the kick-off of this program, we have committed to and delivered in excess of 40 courses since April 2013. To enable our customers to plan their employees’ SAP training well in advance, we will be publishing a rolling 12 month course schedule. Let us know your SAP training needs for the next 12 months and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

How do we communicate with our customers?

We have a team of Enablement Executives spread across the region that communicate directly with their customers. We also have Abed Zein contacting our customers via phone and e-mail. He is reachable on and on our hotline on +97144407389. We regularly communicate our new schedules and publish articles on our LinkedIn group: SAP MENA Education. On a quarterly basis we publish our newsletter (Al Masdar). We will soon launch our first quarterly SAP MENA Education eMagazine. You will find all the information on our course portfolio on By joining our LinkedIn group, logging onto our web site and the SUGMENA web site, you will find the latest from SAP MENA Education. Did you know that untrained end users require 3 to 6 times more support than trained end users? Why not contact us today to discuss your SAP stakeholders’ training needs with one of our experts?

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