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Enable your company’s strategy using the new SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for Lines of Business

Last year, we launched the SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder – IT Edition, to help CIOs and IT leaders easily identify relevant SAP innovations, business and IT performance improvements, with actionable next steps from SAP Services and Support.

Customer feedback was tremendous, in less than a year we delivered over 500 customer-specific Pathfinder reports, and the demand continues to rise.

This year, we are bringing the Pathfinder closer to your business. From the reviews of the Pathfinder – IT Edition with many business leaders in the past few months, we identified several, typical pain points from Line of Business managers, for example:

  • How to fully leverage our SAP ERP system in my Line of Business to enable our company’s strategy?
  • Is my Line of Business collaborating with our IT on the right priorities to improve our business outcomes?
  • How can SAP help my Line of Business perform at peak levels, and keep pace with the digital economy?

At the 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, to help the heads of Finance, Sales, Procurement and other Lines of Business with the answers to these questions, SAP launched – the NEW SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for Line of Business.

The NEW SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for Line of Business, available for Finance, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Asset Management, offers guidance to decision makers in each Line of Business through:

  • Customer-specific improvement and innovation opportunities by Line of Business, based on your core SAP ERP system usage, and business performance measurements.
  • Industry insights, benchmarks and best practices to optimize and innovate each Line of Business.
  • Tailored recommendations, with actionable next steps from relevant SAP Solutions, and offerings from Services, and Support.




Questions? Contact us directly, or watch this short video. You can also view a sample report.

Digital Business Services

Want to prepare your business to enable your company’s strategy for the digital economy?

  • Ask your IT department to request your tailored Pathfinder report for individual Lines of Business (Finance, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, or Asset Management), available as a free-of-charge self-service to customers on SAP maintenance, through
  • Review your tailored improvement and innovation opportunities with Line of Business decision makers, and prioritize the next steps with IT – gain visibility into process, improve and extend capabilities, or accelerate the adoption of advanced capabilities.
  • Create a value driven roadmap for your Line of Business to perform at peak levels, and execute your company’s strategy.

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